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Balbir Bhandari

Balbir Bhandari, 1954.

Balbir Bhandari

Balbir was born in 1926, in Ludhiana in the Panjab. His father was a mill owner and Balbir studied English and Economics at University before joining the family business. He came to Liverpool in November 1952 to visit his friend Lajpat Vij.

He brought with him samples of sports goods with the intention of taking orders back to India. However it quickly became clear to Balbir that to be successful he would need to stay in Liverpool. It was difficult to find accommodation, his first home was an attic flat in Breckside Park.

Balbir set up his own business selling clothes on credit. By 1954 he had saved enough money to buy a house in West Derby. In 1955 he returned to India to marry Promila and a year later their daughter Bela was born at Broadgreen hospital.

Balbir was an active member of the Liverpool Indian Association and campaigned to found the Hindu Cultural Organisation. He became its first Secretary in 1958 and continued to be closely involved for the next 30 years. Balbir and Promila still live in Liverpool.

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