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Makhan Singh Chad

Makhan Singh Chand, passport photograph, 1948.

Makhan Singh Chand

Makhan was 18 years of age when he arrived in London in 1948. He had left his mother and two sisters in India to stay with relatives and find work as a pedlar.

Two years later he married Shakuntla and the couple had a child. The family moved to Liverpool to live with his parents when Makhan's mother joined her husband there in 1952. Later they moved to Carter Street a few doors away from his parent's home.

Makhan worked with his father selling clothes to seamen. They met many young Panjabi men who had recently arrived in Liverpool and enjoyed visiting the Seaman's Club and local pubs.

In 1960 the family moved to Preston. Makhan had found work at a cotton mill there and was able to buy a house. In 1966 he moved to Manchester to work for a relative delivering milk to shops. Makhan and his wife still live in Manchester and have 20 grandchildren.

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