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Kahan Chand Chib

Kahan Chand Chib, passport photograph, 1958.

Kahan Chand Chib

Kahan was born in 1929 in Burdala. His family became refugees after the Partition of India in 1947. Kahan and his brother left in 1951 to find work in order to send money home to their family.

They settled in Glasgow and built up a good business selling clothes. Kahan returned to India to marry Prakash Kaur Rehal in 1956. He opened a restaurant in Amemdabad but it was not a success and the couple returned to Britain with their two children Pamela and Rajinder in 1960.

They settled in Selbourne Street in Liverpool and later moved to Anfield and then Bootle. Kahan worked for English Electric and also ran a market stall selling costume jewellery. In private he held meditation classes in his home and was a lover of Persian and Urdu poetry.

He was also an active member of the Liverpool Inter-Faith Group, promoting the teachings and philosophy of Surat Shabad Yoga. When he was made redundant in the early 1980s it was this work that he concentrated on. Kahan passed away in 1991. Prakash lives with her family in Liverpool.

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