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Pushpa Kari Vij

Pushpa at her sewing machine, 1950s.

Pushpa Kamari Vij

Pushpa was born in Nakodar in 1927. She came to Liverpool to join her husband Lajpat Vij in December 1948 with their nine month old daughter Lekha.

Puspha made the journey by plane and spent her first night in Wigan before going to live with Lajpat at his uncle's house in Laurel Road. Pushpa was lonely and homesick. She hardly left the house because she could not speak any English and had to rely on male relatives to do the weekly shopping.

She cooked and cleaned for those staying with Salgram as well as her own family. They called her "Bhabiji" (Sister-in-Law) as a mark of respect but it was very hard work. When the family moved to their shop in 1955 Pushpa helped run the business. As a supermarket it became an important part of community life and Pushpa got to know many local people. She continued to run the shop after her husband died. Pushpa retired in 1989 and still lives in Rainhill.

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