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Mir Alam

Mir Alam (right) with his son-in law Shah Nawaz in 1950.


Miralam was born in 1894 in Attock in the North West Frontier Province of India. In 1919 he made the month long journey by ship from Bombay to Liverpool.

When he arrived he found work on the docks and then as a pedlar around the streets of the city. He married Fanny Knox who died giving birth to their first child. Miralam, now a single parent, met Jeannie Macmillan. The couple married in 1924, had three daughters and ran a shop and café.

In 1930 the family split up. Miralam and his son Mohamed moved in with Sarah Tate and the couple had a daughter. They lived in Pitt Street and were one of the first people to be bombed out during the blitz. Later they moved to Upper Stanhope Street and then Sandon Street in Toxteth.

Mir Alam was one of Liverpool's most respected Indian gentlemen. He helped many people as an interpreter and he campaigned for part of Anfield Cemetery to be set aside as a Muslim burial ground.

When he died in 1951 many came to pay their respects to a pioneer who had made Liverpool his home for over 30 years.

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