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Syed Jaffar Shad

Syed Jaffar Shah (standing), late 1920s. In 1967 he returned to his village in Pakistan with his son Noel.

Syed Jaffar Shah

Syed Jaffar Shah was born on 18 August 1910 in Tabila in the North West Frontier Province of India. He came to Liverpool in 1928 to avoid an arranged marriage and spent his first months living in Brownlow Hill while he struggled to find work as a seaman and pedlar.

In 1931 he met Margaret Rimmer and although her father did not approve the couple married later that year. They moved to Earle Road while Syed ran a small perfume business in Sheffield. Later, Catherine Street became the family home for Syed, Margaret and their four children.

By 1948 the family had a fish and chip shop on Chatworth Street and everyone was involved in helping run the business.
Syed also became a partner in the Sikander Café on Berkley Street.

Syed was a deeply religious man and well respected by the local community. He died in 1968, 40 years after he arrived in Liverpool.

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