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Baijnath Majitha

Baijnath Majitha (left) with Mr Khanna, 1950s.

Baijnath Majitha

Baijnath was born in Talwan in the Jalandhar district of the Panjab in 1931. He came to England with a friend in 1954 but was unsure about staying permanently.

They arrived in London and from there went to Coventry where his friend settled. Baijnath made his way to Liverpool to stay with Lajpat Vij. He got a pedlar licence from Dale Street police station and set to work selling clothes to earn enough money to find his own accommodation.

Over the next few years Baijnath worked hard to build up the business. In 1957 he gave it up and bought an ice cream van for £750. Badgi's Ice Cream was a popular sight around Huyton. In winter Baijnath looked for shift work.

Baijnath returned to India in 1961 to marry Saroj Marwacha. The couple moved to Salisbury Road and had three children, Kusum, Shirley and Lalit. The family moved to Rainhill in 1973. Baijnath retired in 1996. His son continues to run the family business.

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