Living with the Romans

23 July 2005 to 4 June 2006

Please note that this exhibition has now closed

This was the first ever exhibition to reveal what life was like for people in Liverpool and the North West during the Roman period.

The North West of England lay on the very edge of the vast Roman Empire. The area is well known for its Roman sites, including the great legionary fortress at Chester, forts at Manchester and Northwich, and civilian settlements such as Wilderspool, near Warrington. But until recently we knew almost nothing about the native people who were here when the Romans arrived.

Through the painstaking work of archaeologists, we can begin to understand how the people of the North West lived nearly 2000 years ago. For generations they had farmed the land much as their ancestors had done. In this exhibition we showed what they were they like, how their lives changed when the Romans arrived and what it was really like to be 'Living with the Romans'.

The exhibition contained Romano-British finds including tiles, pottery, coins, brooches and ornaments from National Museums Liverpool's archaeological excavations. A full-size Romano-British farmhouse with realistic sounds and smells, plus artefacts, dioramas and models portrayed a vivid picture of daily life.

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