Tombstone of Vedica

large headstone with figure carved at top

Replica of the Vedica tombstone

It is very difficult to find traces of our ancestors in this region but occasionally their images survive on tombstones.

The tombstone of Vedica is that of a 30-year-old woman who belonged to the Cornovii tribe, native peoples of Cheshire. It is the only known tombstone of a Cornovian woman and was found behind the Rose and Crown Inn at Ilkley in West Yorkshire in 1884. Vedica presumably married a soldier who settled there. She died aged 30, at the end of the 1st century AD.

Creating a replica tombstone for display

The original tombstone of Vedica is carved in sandstone 1.7m tall and was too difficult to move so an exact copy was made for display in the exhibition using three dimensional laser scanning.  The replica tombstone was made from a high density polyurethane resin modelboard, then patinated to look like aged sandstone. See images from the replication process below.