Eric's memorabilia

Four badges

Museum of Liverpool on the road

Part of the 'on the road' programme, which toured objects to different locations while the Museum of Liverpool was constructed.

Former locations

A selection of Eric's memorabilia from our collections went on display at:

  • The Beat Goes On exhibition at World Museum from 12 July 2008 to 1 November 2009
  • 'Centre of the Creative Universe: Liverpool and the Avant-Garde' exhibition at Tate Liverpool in 2007.

Objects: Eric's memorabilia

For four years from 1976 the legendary Eric's club on Mathew Street, staged music rarely heard in other city centre venues - everything from jazz, reggae and folk music to performance art and poetry, and especially punk.

The following objects from or relating to Eric's were loaned to the exhibition 'Centre of the Creative Universe: Liverpool and the Avant-Garde' at Tate Liverpool in 2007.

  • Four badges, as pictured above, donated to the Museum of Liverpool collections by Mark Jordan, who wore them on his leather jacket as a regular to Eric's:
    • Eric's badge, black with Eric's Liverpool logo in gold. Accession number MLL.2006.50.1
    • Sex Pistols badge, 'No Future' with image of Margaret Thatcher. Accession number MLL.2006.50.4
    • Big in Japan badge (1970s/80s). Accession number MLL.2006.50.16
    • Elvis Costello badge. Accession number MLL.2006.50.1
  • Big In Japan publicity photograph (pictured below), signed by band members Jayne Casey, Bill Drummond, Holly Johnson, Kev Ward, Ian Brodie and Budgie - many of whom would later become big names in other Liverpool super groups. Accession number MLL.2006.50.31
  • 7 inch double A-side single on the Eric's label, 'Brutality, Religion and a dance beat'. Contains tracks 'Big in Japan' by Big in Japan (pictured opposite) and 'Do the Chud' by Chuddy Nuddies, September 1977. Donated by Bob Letsche, who was manager of Eric's Club. The record has the Eric's logo and 'ERICS 0001' on the label, indicating that was the first record produced on the Eric's label. Accession number MLL.2006.49
  • Handbill for Eric's, 31st May to 1st July, listing the following acts: John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett; SHAM 69 + Guests; XTC + Guests; Tony McPhee's Terraplane; Sore Throat; Steel Pulse; X-Ray Spex + Guests; Dire Straits; Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers; Reggae - to be announced; Penetration; The Lurkers + Guests; Mink de Ville; Wire + Guests; The Adverts + Guests. Accession number MMM.1999.74.19

Further information

  • Spotlight on Eric's - find out more about the club, the bands who played there and the people who went

Signed photo of the band Big in Japan

Big in Japan photograph ©Kevin Cummins