Letter from Sefton General Hospital, 8 September 1961

Typed letter

Stuart started to suffer with severe headaches and stomach pains just before his 21st birthday. Despite tests, doctors in Hamburg and Liverpool could not find anything seriously wrong.

His condition steadily deteriorated. When Stuart returned home for a visit in February 1962 he looked worse than ever.

On 10 April 1962 he collapsed in the flat he shared with Astrid. He died of a cerebral haemorrhage on the way to hospital.

The text of this letter reads:

South Liverpool Hospital Management Committee
8th September, 1961

Dear Mrs Sutcliffe,
Thank you for your letter. Your son did not attend for the X-ray which I arranged but I do not think that this matters very much because the X-ray which he had in Germany was within the limits of normal, and my impression was that most of his symptoms were nervous in origin

Yours sincerely,
WM Beattie.