Letter from Astrid to Millie, May 1962

Astrid was too ill to travel to Liverpool for Stuart's funeral. The Beatles had just started a run at the Star Club in Hamburg and were also unable to attend.

In one of her first letters to Millie after Stuart's death Astrid gives an insight into how John Lennon was coping with the loss of his friend.

"John. Oh mum he is in a terrible mood now, he just can't believe that darling Stuart never comes back. He just crying his eyes out John is marvellous to me, he says that he know Stuart so much and he love him so much that he can understand me."

First page of handwritten letter, dated 'Wednesday morning', addressed to 'Dear mum'

Second page of handwritten letter

Third page of handwritten letter, with sketch of an exhibition at the Hamburg College of Art at the bottom, listing artists including Stuart Sutcliffe

Last page of handwritten letter, signed 'Love from your Astrid' with a drawing of a flower

Photographs © Astrid Kirchherr / K&K.

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