Group of people sitting in chairs in front of a large statue of Buddha

Calderstones pupils visit the Duldzin Centre

Year 9 pupils from Calderstones School visited the Chiron Centre and Liverpool’s largest Buddhist centre; the Duldzin Centre in Sefton Park. There they examined the teachings and experiences of Siddhartha Gautama, the first Buddha.

The students learnt that Buddhists believe that all people can become enlightened by following the ‘middle way’ of neither luxury nor extreme poverty. Buddhist life is shaped by the need to be aware of the implications of your own actions. They also discovered that Liverpool has many Buddhist groups practising different traditions of teaching.

Faith item: Offering bowls selected by Buddashanti

“…these symbolise the seven traditional gifts in India - water for washing, water for drinking, hard foods, soft foods, flowers, incense and light”.

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