Man in suit and school children standing with his selection of important spiritual items, including Snoopy and some trainers

Snoopy, non-brand trainers and a bible are some of the things held dear by St Anthony’s parish priest, Father Peter Sibert

Campion Catholic High School’s year 10 students visited St Anthony’s church on Scotland Road, the focal point of Liverpool’s Catholic heritage.

It opened in 1833 and served the local community, including many Irish immigrants who fled their homes to escape the famine. Sadly many died as a result of a typhus epidemic. In 1847 alone 2300 people were buried at St Anthony’s.

A new visitor centre opened at St Anthony’s in 2004 to mark its 200 anniversary. The centre honours the memory of the parishioners and Irish immigrants interred in the crypt.

Faith item: Non-brand trainers selected by Father Peter Sibert:

"…they are very cheap, as I object to designer labels and the poor wages associated with them."

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