Yours faithfully

16 October 2004 to 9 January 2005

Please note that this exhibition has now closed

Liverpool is blessed with many unique and diverse faith communities. These are rooted in the city’s history as an international port.

Yours Faithfully recorded a ‘spiritual journey’ undertaken by students from six local secondary schools to discover more about the city’s religious beliefs. The students met with members of ten of the city’s faith communities to learn about their beliefs and traditions.

The students asked each faith representative to share personal items that they use to sustain their spiritual identity. Each representative chose five pieces which went on display in the exhibition, with the significance of each choice explained. They ranged from artefacts readily associated with worship, such as prayer books, to more surprising personal choices like a bag, a pair of trainers and a Pot Noodle. One of the spiritual items is mentioned on each page of the exhibition website, with a quotation from the person who chose it.

The students also travelled to the faith centres to explore some of the communities’ traditions and practices. Along the way the students wrote reports, drew, took photographs, conducted interviews and filmed their experiences. For the final part of the journey, students reflected on their own spirituality and packed their own ‘travel bags’ of spiritually important items.

This project helped to mark Liverpool’s Year of Faith, one of the themed years in the run up to the 2008 Capital of Culture celebrations.

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