Group of people holding spiritual items

Pupils examine Jewish items of faith

Pupils from St Margaret’s High School visited the magnificent Princes Road synagogue. The synagogue has been the centre of Liverpool’s Jewish community since 1873. The focal point of the building is the Ark - a large cupboard where the Sefer Torah, the Five Books of Moses, are kept in beautiful covers.

The pupils discovered that there has been a Jewish community in Liverpool since the 18th century. Numbers swelled in the late 19th century when many Jews fled persecution and poverty in Central and Eastern Europe. They passed through Liverpool on their way to America and thousands decided to stay.

Faith item: 8 day Chanuka festival candelabrum selected by Michael Swerdlow:

“…celebrating the miracle of one day’s worth of lamp oil giving 8 days of light in the Jerusalem temple…a message from God acknowledging our faith, hope and desire to rebuild the desecrated temple.”

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