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Shorefields School pupils explored the Muslim faith with Henna Al Rashid

Liverpool has a very old Muslim community - Britain’s first mosque was opened here in 1889. The main mosque is now the Ar Rahma Mosque.

In recent decades the city’s Muslim population has grown and now covers around 45 nationalities including Arab, Bosnian, Egyptian, Kosovan, Kurdish, Malaysian, Sudanese and Turkish. Throughout this time conversion (or ‘reversion’) to Islam has continued amongst the Liverpool-born Black and white population.

As well as the mosque there are several places that offer support and training for the local Muslim community - the Islamic Institute, the Olive Tree Resource Centre, the Kingsley Road Primary School and the Fountain Community Café.

Faith item: Eid Hijab selected by Henna Al Rashid:

“This head covering would be worn at Eid…a celebratory time when you are allowed to be at your feminine finest.”

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