Manchester Dock excavation

Spotlight display

What was here and how do we know?

A series of small spotlight displays about local sites explore what we know about Merseyside’s past and how.

vertical wooden beam set in the brickwork of a dock, with numbers to show depth

Tidal gauge pictured in-situ in Manchester Dock. Accession number MLL.2007.14.110 

Before the Museum of Liverpool was built archaeologists investigated the site and found the Manchester Dock and Chester basin. These had been built in an area of land reclaimed from the River Mersey, created by dumping tonnes of waste pottery from local industry.

Further information

Read a series of blog posts documenting the excavation as it happened in 2007|, and see more photographs of the excavation on Flickr|.

broken fragments of crockery, pieced together to show most of a poem printed on it

Fragment of transfer-printed creamware found in the excavation. The verse reads:

Let the weathly and great
Roll in splender and state
I envy them not I declare it
I eat my own Lamb
My Chickens and Ham
I shear my own fleece and wear it
I have Lawns I have bowers
I have Fruit I have Flowers
The Lark is my Morning alarmer
So my jolly Boys how
[missing word] God speed the plough

The rest of the verse is missing.

Accession number MLL.2007.14.130