'Unemployment on Merseyside - Campaigning for the Right to Work' by Mike Jones, 1993

painting featuring many scenes on the theme of unemployment

Zoom into the detail of this painting

Visitors can explore the stories and issues behind the events depicted in this powerful painting by Mike Jones.

Listen to a series of interviews with Liverpool people who have actively campaigned for the right to work, or who have experienced the dark days of unemployment in the city.

Hunger marches of the 1920s and the People's Marches for Jobs in the 1980s are shown in the painting alongside the Merseyside Trade Union Community and Unemployment Resource Centre, and training and employment initiatives like the Technology Centre for Women at Blackburne House Women's Project and the Eldonian Garden Market.

The painting also features Liverpool's docks and shipyards, the Tate and Lyle building, the Liverpool Unemployed March on London and Fords assembly line.

In the foreground you can see young unemployed people, one who is burning papers about job losses and the recession.

The artist Mike Jones describes how:

"...the boy is gazing into the future, the smoke going up behind him transforming into a woman training at Blackburne House, giving a sense of optimism, which is supported by the figures of two children marching forward out of the picture from the Give Us a Future Campaign".

Accession number MLL.2006.26