Taking liberties - women's suffrage in Liverpool

Our city, our stories display

Until 17 April 2016

museum display with photo of suffragettes carrying banners

© Mark McNulty

The 1918 Club is a discussion forum for women, established by Eleanor Rathbone in 1918, that meets regularly in Liverpool. The group created this display, working with objects relating to women’s suffrage in the Museum of Liverpool’s collections. 

group of women wearing hard hats and high visibility jackets

Members of the 1918 Club during a site visit to the Museum of Liverpool during the fit out of the galleries, before the building opened

After viewing the objects and choosing which ones would best illustrate the story, participants then wrote labels to explain why these objects were important and what they tell us about the Liverpool campaign to give women the right to vote.

This display also includes oral history recordings of a number of Suffragettes telling their experiences first-hand.

The display is the first in a series focused on politics and community activism in the city.