Confronting Slavery

Breaking Through the Corridors of Silence

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The author was inspired to write this book by UNESCO's Slave Route Project, entitled Breaking the Silence. The study deals with aspects of the experiences of Black peoples in Africa, Europe and the Americas that resulted from the transatlantic slave trade and slavery. The study looks specifically at the ways in which Africans were acquired for work in the Americas, the Middle Passage or transit across the Atlantic Ocean, the conditions under which they laboured in their new environments, the brutalities that they suffered at the cruel hands of their enslavers, the material and social culture that they developed under the very extreme conditions in which they lived, their struggles for freedom, and their attempts to lift themselves up by their own bootstraps after slavery was abolished as a legal institution. The author attempts to provide a graphic picture of every aspect of the life of the enslaved Africans through a wide variety of texts and images, both contemporary and modern. However, he is conscious of the fact that ther is no way in which it is possible to convey exactly, or even nearly, the horrors of the slave trade and slavery. Most persons today will accept that trafficking in human beings was and is an horrendous act, but the reality is that such trafficking still exists on a large scale. The author hopes that this work will help to add another small but important voice to those who cry shame at the continuance of this nefarious traffic and who strive to wipe it out. Human society needs another abolition, this time on a permanent basis and worldwide scale.

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