Fighting Proud

The untold story of the gay men who served in two world wars

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In this astonishing new history of wartime Britain, Stephen Bourne unearths the fascinating stories of the gay men who served in the armed forces and on the Home Front. It brings to light the great and previously unrecognised contribution they made to the war effort.

Fighting Proud weaves together the remarkable lives of these men, from RAF hero Ian Gleed - a Flying Ace twice honoured for bravery by King George VI, to the infantry officers serving in the trenches on the Western Front in World War I - many of whom led the charges into machine-gun fire only to find themselves court-martialled for indecent behaviour. Behind the lines during World War II, Alan Turing's work on breaking the 'Enigma' machine and subsequent persecution contrasts with the many stories of love and courage in Blitz-torn London, with new wartime diaries and letters unearthed for the first time. Bourne tells the bitterly sad story of Ivor Novello, who wrote the World War I anthem 'Keep the Home Fires Burning', and the crucial work of Noel Coward - who was hated by Hitler for his work entertaining the troops. Fighting Proud also includes a wealth of long-suppressed wartime photography.

This book is a monument to the bravery, sacrifice and honour of this persecuted minority who contributed so much during Britain's hour of need.

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Format: Hardback, 236 pages

Dimensions: 14.7 x 22 x 2.4cm

Publisher: I. B. Taurus

ISBN: 978-1-78453-874-3


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