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Liverpool is undisputedly one of the greatest cities on earth. From it's warm, tough, alway-beating heart come people renowned for their friendliness, wit, resilience and strength of character. Throughout it's long and suprisingly varied history Liverpool has endangered fierce loyalty from it's citizens, and captivated even the most casual of visitors.

Liverpool: A people's history tells the full story of this unique place in a way which celebrates the individuals who have shaped it, often allowing witnesses from the past to speak for themselves. This book traces the growth of the city from a little fishing village on the banks of the Mersey all the way from it's foundation in 1207 to the proud European Capital of Culture 800 years later.

The book combines good historical research with a lively, fresh and accessible style with over 300 pictures, many reproduced in colour

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Format: 340 pages, paperback

Publisher: Carnegie Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85936-168-9

Dimensions: 245 x 140 x 20mm


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