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Picture Post on Liverpool


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In 1938, just before the outbreak of War, a new weekly magazine was launched. Picture Post had a unique style, bringing together a brilliant team of photographers, writers and designers. Its impact was immediate and sales rose to over a million a week at its peak.

The pioneering reputation of Picture Post has survived, even though it is over 50 years since it ceased publication. Its coverage of social issues, in particular, was very influential in the years leading to the formation of the Welfare State. 

From a Liverpool perspective, the features that appeared about the city were mainly negative in their concentration on the slums and social problems, with its many positive aspects overlooked. The high level of poverty clearly interested Picture Post and the pictures taken by their photographers bring to life the hardship of the post-war austerity years.

This book is a fascinating record of the way in which the city was represented in the magazine and includes many photographs which were not selected for articles at the time and are being published for the very first time.

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Format: 96 pages, paperback

Publisher: The Bluecoat Press

ISBN: 978-1908457059

Dimensions: 276 x 220 x 7mm


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