Liverpool The Making of the City disc 0

The making of the city on the Mersey

For Liverpool man Peter Kennerley, his home city is an endlessly fascinating place, with it's rich, vibrant past and the unique character of it's sons and daughters. Liverpudlians would agree with him, for they are deeply proud of their roots in the city, and countless visitors through the ages have also fallen under its spell.

For those who know Liverpool well, this wonderfully readable history offers some interesting new perspectives on which to ponder. For the newcomer, the book is a superb, illuminating account, giving a real insight into just why so many people develop such an abiding love for the city.

Beautifully illustrated with lavish colour and a joy to own this book will appeal to the proud Liverpudlian and the inquisitive visitor in equal measure.

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Format: 218 pages, paperback

Publisher: Palatine Books

ISBN: 978-1-874181-69-9

Dimensions:244 x 166 x 13mm


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