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The Docker's Umbrella


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A History of Liverpool Overhead Railway by Paul Bolger

The 'Docker's Umbrella' was not just any railway, it was an institution, an unforgettable experience for those fortunate enough to have travelled on it. Liverpudlians mourn many of the city's lost landmarks but none more so than the Liverpool Overhead Railway.

Today the Albert Dock complex is Liverpool's undisputed main attraction but just imagine had the Overhead survived to serve it - how they would have complemented each other!

Forced to close because of the cost of necessary repairs was estimated to be an unattainable two million pounds, the last trains rumbled on Sunday  30th, 1956, witnessed by disbelieving crowds along the line. All attempts to save it failed and the demolition men moved in on 23rd September, 1957.

The photographs reproduced in this book will, it is hoped, rekindle fond memories and, for those too young to remember, give a clearer idea of what the 'Docker's Umbrella' was all about.

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Format: 80 pages, paperback

Publisher:The Bluecoat Press

ISBN: 978-1872568058

Dimensions: 280 x 241 x 7mm


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