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'The Death of Oedipus'

Curator of British paintings Alex Kidson gives a gallery talk on the 'The Death of Oedipus' at the Walker Art Gallery. A transcript of the talk is available.

While you listen

Here are suggestions of webpages to browse while listening to our audio download of Alex Kidson's talk 'The Death of Oedipus'.

Images elsewhere on the web

'Oedipus Cursing His Son, Polynices', National Gallery of Art.

Henry Fuseli on Artcylopedia - comprehensive list of Fuseli paintings available to view online.

Henry Fuseli at the National Portrait Gallery - eight portraits of the artist.

Flickr slideshow of most 'interesting' images tagged 'chiarascuro'.

Information elsewhere on the web

Gothic Nightmares - Fuseli featured in last year's Tate exhibition.

Read and contribute to the Fuseli page on Wikipedia

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