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'The Piggery', George Morland

Frank Milner gives a gallery talk on George Morland's painting 'The Piggery' at the Lady Lever Art Gallery. A transcript of the talk is available.

While you listen

Here are suggestions of webpages to browse while listening to our audio download of Frank Milner's Lady Lever Art Gallery Picture of the Month talk on George Morland's 'The Piggery'.

Elsewhere on our site

Picture of the month essay on 'The Piggery'

Images elsewhere on the web

Slideshow of the most 'interesting' photographs tagged 'pig' on Flickr

Slideshow of the most 'interesting' photographs tagged 'rustic' on Flickr

Artcylopedia's comprehensive list of Geoge Morland artworks available to view online

Related information elsewhere on the web

Wikipedia entry on George Morland

Fritz Spiegl obituary from the Daily Telegraph

The Art Fund George Morland list


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