Framed collage artwork
28 Feb 2014 - 12 Oct 2014
Free exhibition, no booking required

Enigma is an exhibition of artwork created by participants from the Merseycare NHS Trust, who have being using art to explore ideas about their own personal journeys and recovery.

Designed and curated by artists Steve Rooney and Sue Williams and poet, Pauline Rowe, the project’s theme was 'Victorian life' exploring the Industrial Revolution and extremes of wealth and poverty.

Simple boxes or frames were used as a container for items that would represent the participants' ideas. These items included a small shoe symbolising childhood and an eye to represent judgement or criticism.

The resulting artworks are characteristic of the Victorian tradition of keeping a 'cabinet of curiostities' and interesting objects in the home.

This is the eighth collaborative project with mental health provider Mersey Care NHS Trust, The Artists Group (TAG) and poet Pauline Rowe. Practical support was provided by Dot Maloney, community mental health worker.