'Bust of Alfred Wolmark', Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, c.1913

A head and shoulders bust, the head is turning at an unusual angle over his left shoulder.

Plaster, Height 67.3cm

Accession Number WAG4112

This is a bust of the painter Alfred Wolmark. It was made at the time when Gaudier was connected with Wyndham Lewis's 'Vorticist' movement. The Vorticists were strongly influenced by the European (and specifically Italian) Futurists, who embraced the new 'machine age' and loved speed, cities, machinery and the like. This work reflects these ideas in its resemblance to machinery and cog wheels through the exaggerated face and hair.

In 1914 Gaudier joined the French army to fight in the First World War. He became a sergeant and was killed in an infantry charge at Neuville-Saint-Vaast in 1915.

A bronze cast of this piece is now on display in the Walker Art Gallery.

An extended study of 'Bust of Alfred Wolmark'| is also available as part of our Artwork of the Month series.