Altarpiece examples from the Walker Art Gallery's collection

At the Walker Art Gallery, examples of altarpieces can be seen in:

Room 1

Dexcent from the Cross

'Descent from the Cross'

'Descent from the cross', after Robert Campin
Painted around the 1460s, an example of a triptych.

'St Peter and St Paul', Studio of Bicci di Lorenzo

Both paintings are likely to come from a large panelled altarpiece or polyptych.

Inside the glass cabinet in room 1 there are many examples of small devotional diptychs carved from ivory.

Room 2

St Leonard
'St Leonard'

Virgin and Child in Glory
'Virgin and Child in Glory'

St Catherine of Alexandria
'St Catherine of Alexandria'

Painted 1541-42
These three panels formed part of an altarpiece for the church of Leonard near Palermo, Sicily.

Currently not on display

'Observance|', Bill Viola

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