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A brief encounter between: 'Exposed Painting' and 'Landscape'

Callum Innes and J.M.W. Turner

Squares of orange and white

Callum Innes born 1962, 'Exposed Painting, Cadmium Orange on White' 1997

Blurred, orangey landscape

JMW Turner 1775-1851, 'Landscape' about 1845

The colours orange and white dominate both these canvases. Innes is unconcerned with the representation of things, but he teases the spectator into straining after elements of the real world, suggesting for instance a horizon line as well as a foreground and background. 150 years earlier Turner| was doing the reverse: depicting a real (though unidentified) landscape but taking the viewer far beyond the limits of what is easily recognisable into a zone of pure luminosity.