Peach dress

peach coloured, Grecian-style dress

Evening dress, rayon acetate, overlaid with net and ruched silk crepe, beaded decoration, made by Moira Page, Piccadilly, London, about 1955.

This dress creates a draped, flowing shape similar to the clothing of ancient Greece and hints at the simple elegance of film stars such as Grace Kelly. Here the full skirt has been abandoned in preference for a lighter, more flowing look, although a great deal of material has still been used in the skirt. The bust and the hips are emphasised and the narrow waist is featured with a floral beaded belt in black and silver.

The dress was made to measure by a London couture house and much of the detailing, such as the beading, was worked by hand. The top layer of silk crepe would also have added considerably to the cost of the dress.

Gift of Mr Leslie Tyson, 1989 1989.98.18