Evening dress

A black floaty dress with long sleeves.

Pair of lisle stockings, 1920s
Evening shoes, cotton sateen, with diamanté inserts in the heels, made by J.Collinson & Co., Bold Street, Liverpool, about 1926-27

Many museum costume collections include smaller collections within them, such as one person's complete wardrobe. This is the case with the Tinne Collection, consisting of some 600 items belonging to a Liverpool doctor's wife, Mrs Emily Margaret Tinne (1884-1965). They cover the period between 1900 and the 1940s and allow us to see what a typical middle class woman was wearing in Liverpool during those years.

Many of Mrs Tinne's garments date from the 1920s and 1930s. They include such high quality examples of evening wear as the dress displayed here.

It is made in two layers, with an under-slip of plain black silk and an over-dress and sleeves of silk crepe, a fine fabric with a slightly crinkled surface. It was made by machine, except for the beaded decoration which was all sewn on by hand. The applied glass beads make the dress very heavy.

Dress given by Dr Alexine Tinne, 1967.

Shoes given by Mrs Tyler, 1981.