Vivienne Westwood

Dress with train, machine-knitted wool; hat, wool felt, and 'baggy' shoes, suede, all Vivienne Westwood, 'Buffalo Girls' Collection, Autumn - Winter 1982-83

Nylon footless tights, 2006

Accession number WAG1999.95.4, 6, 5

brown and grey dress with brown hat

Vivienne Westwood is perhaps best-known, together with her former partner Malcolm McLaren, as one of the pioneers of punk fashion during the late 1970s.

Their clothes shop in London's Kings Road was at the centre of the punk movement. In 1981 Westwood launched herself as a fashion designer and began to look to a whole range of influences for her designs, beginning with 'pirates' as the theme of her first collection.

She went on to produce garments inspired by other historical subjects, ethnic styles, 18th century French art, and classic British tweeds and tailoring. Westwood meticulously researches her sources in museums, galleries and archives.

This outfit from the 'Buffalo Girls' Collection, also known as the 'Nostalgia of Mud' Collection, with its baggy, layered look, earthy colours and felted wool hat, was inspired by garments worn by Peruvian Indian women.

Gift of Ms Joanne Kitching, 1999.

Rear view  

Rear view of grey and brown dress