Glass cup and saucer

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Venice, 1700-1750

The saucer is called a 'trembleuse', which means 'trembler' in French. It has a deep well into which the cup fits, to help prevent spillage caused by shaky hands. They were used for any cup designed for hot drinks. Generally made from porcelain this example, from Venice, is unusual as it is made from glass.

Aventurine glass is a translucent glass flecked with sparkling oxidised metal particles. This is in imitation of the stone, aventurine quartz, which is flecked with minerals. It was first recorded in the 17th century by a glass making family called Miotto. It is said the name is derived from the Italian word 'avventurine' which means 'chance'. This may relate to the alleged accidental discovery of the process of making this type of glass.

Given by Mr R Thorp, 1966.