Ursula M Allen-Williams

Donor of antiquities

Lady Ursula Allen-Williams was born in 1883. She married Brigadier General Sir Arthur Williams (on marriage changed to Allen-Williams). In 1944 the museum received a small collection of antiquities from Lady Allen-Williams via Littlehampton Museum. Much of her collection is of the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods and was discovered during the building of a road from Alexandria , collected by a relative of Lady Allen-Williams.

The collection came via Littlehampton Museum, as did that of Mrs Margaret Joyce Edelweiss Hearne, and the two became muddled when they were both presented to the Museum Committee in 1944. Many objects were renumbered between 1976 and 1977 according to the inventories of both collections. In some instances there may still be confusion and objects may be marked twice.
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