Video art and installations

Installation including a television screen

'A Sleek Dry Yell' by Haroon Mirza

Since its opening in 1877 the Walker Art Gallery has collected contemporary art. In recent years this has included art works in ‘new media’, including video and animation art, as well as art installations.

Some of these works use new technology to reflect on contemporary issues such as industrialisation and its impact, including Nancy Davenport’s (born 1965) ‘Workers (Leaving the Factory)’. Others, like Bill Viola (born 1951), have used it to address subjects that have occupied artists for generations, including religion and death.

These artworks are not always on permanent display at the Walker. If you intend to visit the gallery to see a particular artwork, please telephone 0151 478 4199 beforehand to check the artwork is on display.

Collection highlights

Title: Observance, 2002 (edition 4/5)
Artist: Bill Viola
Date: 2002

Title: A Sleek Dry Yell
Artist: Haroon Mirza
Date: 2008

Title: Journey to the Lower World
Artist: Marcus Coates
Date: 2004

Title: Workers (Leaving the Factory)
Artist: Nancy Davenport
Date: 2008

Title: Girl with birds inside her
Artist: Rachel Goodyear
Date: 2011

Title: Liverpool Skyladders
Artist: Yoko Ono
Date: 2008