Paintings from the first floor landing and staircases

Three men are tying Samson up, whilst another shaves his head. Delilah is looking upon the scene from the right of the picture.

'Samson' by Solomon J Solomon

Some of the most popular paintings in the Walker Art Gallery are to be found decorating the staircases and the first floor landing. The two giant canvases, ‘Samson|’ and ‘Christ blessing the little children|’ dominate the two staircases. Paul Delaroche’s ‘Napoleon Crossing the Alps|’ records the passage of Napoleon over the Great St Bernard Pass on his way to the momentous victory over the Austrians at Marengo. Another version of this painting is on permanent display in the Louvre, Paris.

Several of the paintings are portraits of artists’ wives, including ‘The Lady with the Japanese Gown: Miss Enid Rutherford|’, ‘Lady in Black Furs|’ and ‘Hazel in Rose and Gold|’.