'Compositional study for the Death of Nelson', Daniel Maclise

Detailed drawing of a battle scene
Study for the Death of Nelson

Pencil on paper, about 1859/1862

Accession number WAG 3417

This is one of Maclise's final studies for the Death of Nelson, combining elements such as the cannons which he had previously sketched separately. Its composition is very similar but not identical to the painting at the Walker. Maclise added a clutter of objects to the foreground of the final piece.

Sketches on paper such as this one are often very delicate and will suffer from any exposure to light, even for short periods. Therefore for conservation reasons it was decided not to include this piece in the current display at the Walker. However you can compare details from the sketch to the finished painting here.

Detail from study showing central group around Lord Nelson

Detail from painting showing the same central group

Detail from the right hand side of the study, showing a dying figure and cannon on the right

Detail from the same right hand side area of the painting

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