'Rt Rev Thomas Penswick', Peter Turnerelli

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Accession number WAG8774

Thomas Penswick was the first priest of St Nicholas’s Roman Catholic chapel. He was also Vicar Apostolic of the Northern Region (before the restoration of its hierarchy in 1850, the Catholic Church in England was divided into districts governed by Vicars Apostolic) and titular bishop of Europum. Penswick’s mitre and crozier appear at the top of the monument, and below them a female stands by an altar bearing various attributes of the Christian faith.

Peter Turnerelli was the Irish-born son of an Italian political refugee. After studying in a Catholic seminary he moved to London and trained there as a sculptor. He became Sculptor-in-Ordinary to the Royal family, and his large output includes many portraits of Royalty and the Peerage. His work is of uneven quality, and it is fair to say that this example is of more historical than artistic interest.