'William White'

This is a carving of urn under a cloth as well as a profile of a man.

Accession number WAG8775

This monument comes from St Nicholas’s Roman Catholic church which formerly stood in Hawke Street behind the Adelphi Hotel. The church, or chapel as it was then called, was completed in 1812 and later became Liverpool’s Catholic Pro-Cathedral, but having been made redundant by the completion of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King it was finally demolished in 1973. This and the following two monuments were acquired for the Oratory in that year.

William White served as a priest at St Nicholas’s and his Latin epitaph may be translated as follows: ‘His Catholic fellow citizens erected this memorial to William White the hard-working, watchful and pious priest and minister of his ancestral faith in this church. He lived for forty years and died on 4 November 1832. May he rest in God’.