'Altarpiece with scenes from the Passion and Crucifixion', Master of the Aachen Altarpiece, c.1500

The central panel depicts scenes from the life of Christ, amongst a crowd of grievers and soldiers. The right panel shows the dead Christ, surrounded by women performing acts of devotion.

Panel, 109.1 x 54.2cm, 106.8 x 54cm (the two wings)

Acc. Nos. WAG1225, WAG1226

This anonymous German artist is named after an altarpiece now held in Aachen Cathedral. The left hand panel, which shows Pilate washing his hands may include a self-portrait of the artist. He may be the man looking over Pilate's shoulder.

The backs of the wings, shown here, show the Cologne mayor, Hermann Rinck and his family at prayer in their private chapel. Before them is a vision of Christ appearing at Mass and showing his wounds to the 6th century saint, Pope Gregory the Great.

This triptych was originally held in the parish church of St Columba in Cologne.

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