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13th - 16th century collection

Painting of Mary and Jesus

Detail of 'Madonna and Child with Saints Catherine, Nicholas and Francis', Vincenzo Di Biagio Catena

Here are some of the earliest works from the Walker Art Gallery's collection. Most of them have a religious theme.

This reflects the church's role as the main patron of the arts during the middle ages and early Renaissance.

Private individuals had begun to collect and commission art works by the 16th century. These works were often portraits as well as mythical subjects.

Please note that this is only a selection from our collection.

Collection highlights

Title: The Virgin and Child with a Saint
Artist: Bartolomeo Montagna
Date: unknown or unrecorded

Title: Triumph of Fortitude
Artist: Brussels School
Date: about 1525

Title: Pietà
Artist: Ercole de' Roberti
Date: between 1482 and 1486

Title: Henry VIII
Artist: Hans Holbein the Younger
Date: about 1537

Title: Portrait of a Young Man
Artist: Jan Mostaert
Date: between about 1520 and 1540

Title: Portrait of Marguerite of Navarre
Artist: Jean Clouet
Date: about 1527

Title: The Nymph of the Fountain
Artist: Lucas Cranach (the elder)
Date: 1534

Title: The Crucifixion Triptych
Artist: Master of the Aachen Altarpiece
Date: between 1492 and 1495

Title: Lamentation over the Dead Christ
Artist: Master of The Virgo Inter Virgines
Date: between about 1480 and 1495

Title: Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I
Artist: Nicholas Hilliard
Date: between about 1573 and 1575

Title: Christ Discovered in the Temple
Artist: Simone Martini
Date: 1342

Title: Madonna and Child with Saints Catherine, Nicholas and Francis
Artist: Vincenzo Di Biagio Catena
Date: early 16th century