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'View of Dordrecht', Jan van Goyen, 1644

The landscape has a low horizon. In the foregound there are people crossing the river by boat. A ship to the left of the canvas is very eyecatching. This leans towards the church in the background. There is also a windmill to the right of the canvas.

Oil on panel, 64.9 x 97.2cm

Accession Number WAG2000.25

Van Goyen frequently painted the distinctive view of the Dutch town of Dordrecht. The bold bulk of its main church, the Groote Kerk, with its unfinished spire, dominates the view across junction of the busy river Maas. He painted it over twenty times from varying distances and in different weather conditions. Here blustery winds push a ferry-boat's sails and whip up the choppy waves which rock the fishermen's boat. The overall brown tonality is freshened by a pale blue sky, glimpsed through the scudding clouds, and enlivened by the bright red coat of a rowing-boat passenger.

Despite being one of Holland's most prolific landscape artists van Goyen died in debt, having lost a lot of money speculating on the price of tulips in 1637.

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Accepted by the government in lieu of tax and allocated to the Walker Art Gallery. .