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'The New Church at Delft with the tomb of William the Silent', Hendrick (Cornelisz) van Vliet, 1667

The painting shows the inside structure of the church, high detail of the columns, arches, and windows.There are coats of arms shown on the columns of the church.

Oil on canvas
127 x 85.5cm
Accession Number WAG 1994.1

Van Vliet specialised in views of the interiors of Delft's two main churches, the Old and the New Church. The New Church housed the tomb of the assassinated Dutch hero William I of Orange ('the Silent) (1533 - 1584) who helped establish the independence of the Netherlands from Spanish rule.

Despite its apparent accuracy, this image has in fact been somewhat distorted. In reality one cannot view both the tomb of William the Silent as well as the view across the church choir.

Purchased with the assistance of the Art Fund with a donation from the Wolfson Foundation.