'Snowdon from Llyn Nantlle', Richard Wilson, about 1765 - 66

Oil on canvas
101 x 127cm
Accession Number: WAG 2429

Wilson was a seminal figure in British landscape painting. He was the first native artist who convincingly bridged the gap between the academic landscape and the topographical view.

His models were the French classicists, notably Gaspard Dughet and Claude Lorrain. These artists' concern for the essential structure of the landscape, sense of order and feeling for a beautiful, all-over light are echoed in this masterpiece.

Within these conventions, however, Wilson has combined a great sensitivity to the site. This concern with the particular in nature would go on to become very important to the Romantic artists.

Wilson's strong sense for design and tonal value invests the rugged grandeur of his native Welsh mountains with a luminous and timeless dignity.

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