'Self-portrait', 1850, Ford Madox Brown

Portrait, described in last paragraph

Black chalk on light brown paper, 25 x 23cm Accession Number WAG10505

Ford Madox Brown|'s second recorded self-portrait. In 1850 he had a studio in Newman Street and was completing his enormous Chaucer for the 1851 Royal Academy. The drawing was retouched in October 1853, during which time he was finishing his landscape ‘An English Autumn Afternoon’, now in Birmingham City Art Gallery.

William Michael Rossetti, brother of Dante Gabriel Rossetti|, described his appearance:

‘He was a vigorous-looking man, with a face full of insight and purpose; thick straight brown hair, fair skin, well-coloured visage, bluish eyes, broad brow, square and rather high shoulders, slow and distinct articulation. His face was good-looking as well as fine; but less decidedly handsome, I think, than it became towards the age of forty. As an old man he had a grand patriarchal aspect.'