'A summer night', Albert Moore, c.1887-90

Four semi-nude ladies are in various poses on beds cushions. They are studies of the female form. The setting of the painting is very flat in appearance.

Oil on canvas, 132 x 228.5cm

Accession Number WAG2125

Moore's paintings were influenced by his study of Greek sculpture and Japanese art. He was also a proponent of the high Victorian idea of 'art for art's sake'. This was the concept of formal, aesthetic qualities taking prominence over moral or narrative content within a piece. His rhythmically posed female figures, combined with decorative accessories, were vehicles for the exploration of an abstract language of form, colour, line and pattern.

'A summer night' shows four women preparing for sleep on a luxurious balcony overlooking a moonlit lagoon. Despite the deliberate lack of story or allegorical meaning, a note of eroticism is evident. This was common to Moore's and many other Victorian artists' work.