'Yellow, Blue and Violet' - Michael Kidner, 1963

A strong pattern of clashing colours; horizontal strips contrast against a circular, downward motion of coloured blocks. It creates visual discomfort for the viewer.

Oil on canvas, painted in 1963

Accession Number WAG6192

Kidner was over thirty before he thought seriously of making a career as a painter. After five years in the Canadian army he enrolled at Goldsmiths' College, but left because he disliked the teaching methods. He worked as a theatre designer in the early 1950s before starting to paint full-time in 1953. He was influenced by the American abstract expressionist painters.

For Kidner the canvas remains "a sort of laboratory", the emphasis placed on colour over line. In this painting there is a strong sense of movement as the vibrant colours vie for space and the horizontal bands become increasingly segmented as they reach the centre. What begins as quite flat at the bottom of the canvas expands and becomes fluent as the strips of colour move to the right towards the top.